Our Services


Our Services

Our business comprises of but not limited to the following

Oil Base Services

  • Provision of Shore-based Logistices
  • Porivision of Marine-based Logistics (On and Off Shore)
  • Provision of Land Transportation Logistics including Inter and Intra Port Transfer
  • Provision of a "One-Stop-Shop" hub tailor made to suit the demands of the Oil industry

Logistics Services

  • Lease and operation of barges of various capacities
  • Lease and operation of tugboats
  • Lease and operation of offshore support vessels
  • Provision of Marine Haulage and Transportation

Port Concessionaries

Brawal is one of the only two Port Operatives chosen by the Nigerian Ports Authority in both Lagos and Onne for the provison of industrial stacking area and warehouse space as well as all other logistical support systems involved in the provision of port services as a Terminal Operator. She has held the position of stakeholder since May 11, 2006 within the Onne Port Complex.

Warehouse Operations

Brawal's Terminal has a Nigerian Customs Bonded Warehouse facility which enables us to offer protected and secure storage for the most sensitive of cargo. The facility abuts Brawal's quay apron allowing easy and unimpeded access to the loading and discharge areas waterside.

Clearing, Forwarding And Shipping


Shipping Agent